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Ben Wilson, MD 

After graduating from Brigham Young University and the University of Utah School of Medicine, Dr. Wilson completed residency at St. Mark’s Family Medicine Residency in Salt Lake City, Utah and is board certified in family medicine. Dr. Wilson’s medical interests are broad and include primary care of children and adults, urgent care, dermatology, point-of-care ultrasound, and more.

Dr. Wilson has spent years as an assistant professor of family medicine teaching new doctors medical science, clinical reasoning, and medical skills, including physical exam, point-of-care ultrasound, joint injections, and more. He has also been involved in research about the philosophy of medicine – how we think about health and disease and how that affects medical practice.

In his spare time, Dr. Wilson loves spending time with his wife and four young children, writing and playing music, traveling, hiking, playing ultimate Frisbee, reading, learning new things, participating in religious activities, and taking care of the animals on the family mini farm.

Liberty Tree Medicine Meridian Idaho

About Liberty Tree Family Medicine

At Liberty Tree Family Medicine, you receive medical care the way it should be.

Because we are funded only by our members, we are free from the shackles of insurance and other stifling regulations so we can focus solely on caring for you.

From all-the-time-you-need appointments to having the ability to text message your doctor directly, at Liberty Tree Family Medicine you will receive medical care that is above and beyond anything you have experienced in the medical system.

Freedom from the system:
  • Direct access to the doctor by text, email, video, and phone – In the system it’s like having to break through a brick wall to talk to your doctor. At Liberty Tree Family Medicine, you can use our app to text, email, call, or video-call your doctor directly any time, any day.
  • Easy-to-schedule same-day or next-day appointments – Have you ever had an urgent medical issue and been told you can’t get in to see your doctor for weeks or even months? At Liberty Tree Family Medicine, we can always see you by telemedicine or in person the very same day or the next day. Plus, scheduling is easy! You can just sign yourself up for an appointment online or through our app—no need for waiting on hold forever just to get an appointment scheduled.
  • On-time appointments with no crowded waiting rooms – Ever wondered why in the system you get in trouble for being a few minutes late, but doctors can make you wait as long as they want? At Liberty Tree Family Medicine, you can walk into your appointment immediately—no more long waits.
  • Quick responses to your questions and concerns – In the system when you need help you have to navigate a confusing phone tree and then leave a message, only to wait for days until you get called back (if you get called back at all). At Liberty Tree Medicine, you have direct access to the doctor by email, text, phone, or video, with a consistently quick response time.
  • Primary care, urgent care, and telehealth all in one from your own doctor – In the system you get bounced around to different doctors who don’t know you. At Liberty Tree Family Medicine, you have one doctor who takes care of everything!
  • Know the price before you pay – In the system you are pushed into things without ever knowing what it will cost until you get billed weeks later. At Liberty Tree Family Medicine, you will always know exactly what you pay before you agree to it.
  • No hidden costs – In the system you get bills with charges for things you never knew about. You will never be surprised by hidden costs at Liberty Tree Family Medicine.
  • No copays – You never have to pay copays. Unlimited visits are included in your membership!
  • Wholesale prices on labs, procedures, and medications – The system charges unbelievable prices for everything, just because they can. At Liberty Tree Family Medicine, prices are a fraction of what you pay in the system (often 10 times cheaper or better)! Our prices are so much cheaper that you will probably pay less with us than you would pay as your co-insurance for the same test or medication if you went through your insurance.
  • A free-market alternative to an overpriced and dysfunctional healthcare system – Free markets help keep prices low and quality high. But the system isn’t a real free market. In the system you never know what you’re going to pay before you buy, so you can’t shop for the best deal, and the big health systems and insurance companies can keep charging you whatever they want. You’re left with extremely high prices and low-quality care. At Liberty Tree Family Medicine, we embrace the direct primary care model and take a true free-market approach where you know exactly what you will pay before you pay it. And you get the benefits—low cost and exceptional quality.
Liberty Tree Medicine Meridian Idaho
Exceptional Care:
  • Unrushed, all-the-time-you-need appointments – Say goodbye to the rushed, 15-minute appointments you get in the system. At Liberty Tree Family Medicine, you get 90 minutes for first time visits and annual checkups, 60 minutes for regular visits, and 30 minutes for urgent care visits! Or you can schedule your own appointment times as you see fit to meet your needs.
  • Point-of-care ultrasound for immediate answers – Ultrasound isn’t just for babies! We can use ultrasound to diagnose problems in almost any part of your body, including lung infections, blood clots, heart problems, gallbladder infections, muscle strains and sprains, and much more! At Liberty Tree Family Medicine, we harness the full power of point-of-care ultrasound to give you immediate answers. And it’s all included in your membership with no extra cost!
  • Enhanced telehealth for more care from home – Telehealth is a convenient alternative to in-person care, but traditional telehealth has a lot of limitations. At Liberty Tree Family Medicine, you have the option to receive enhanced telehealth by getting the equipment and training you need to check your own vital signs at home. With this simple addition to your telehealth, we can diagnose more problems and provide better care. And you can choose to receive almost all of your medical care from the comfort of your own home or office.
  • Thorough, detailed, careful evaluation – In the system you often get a rushed, superficial, ineffective evaluation. At Liberty Tree Family Medicine, we have the time to really listen to your concerns and perform careful, thorough, detail-oriented, technology-enhanced examination that can lead to a better diagnosis and a treatment plan that really works.
  • Respect for your preferences and religious beliefs – At Liberty Tree Family Medicine, you will never be pushed or shamed into any examination, test, or treatment that doesn’t align with your personal beliefs and preferences. If you like to maintain complete modesty during your visit, we’re ok with that! If you prefer a very thorough physical examination, we’re ok with that! If you have religious reasons for avoiding contraceptives or other medications or treatments, we’re ok with that! We will respect you and work within your beliefs and preferences to provide the best medical care possible.
  • Top notch, evidence-based medicine – As an assistant professor of family medicine, Dr. Wilson knows and practices by the best current evidence for delivering medical care. At Liberty Tree Family Medicine, you will receive technology-enhanced, evidence-based, high-quality medical care.
  • Treatment options insurance won’t cover – In the system, insurance companies get to dictate what you and your doctor can and can’t do. At Liberty Tree Family Medicine, we can focus on you and what you need, and insurance companies don’t get a say in it. If you decide you want a skin tag removed, we can do it! If we need to get an uncommon test done, we can do it!

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